Two times I have lost the video file list on my DLNA client.

Normally I have the following menu points to select on my DLNA client.
'All Video Files'
'File Type'
'Last 50 Played'
'Recently Added'
'Top 50 Rated'

When it goes wrong the point 'Folders' disappears from the menu list.
I normally use 'Folders' to find my video files.
And after this when I select 'All Video Files' there is no files to see at all. I have about 1100 files on 2 HDD disk.
I can only get it to work again by total uninstall and new install.
The first time it occurs was after using the trial version for a time I registered Mezzmo and then it occurs.
The second time it occurs was after I have running the windows program to make more space on my C: disk,
the program removes a lot of temp files and compresses som old files.