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Thread: Samsung TV's Always Disconnecting

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    Default Samsung TV's Always Disconnecting

    I recently had the dreaded problem of the server always disconnection from my samsung es7000. I did receive a patch from you that improved the situation by about 50% I would say but I wondering if this issue is being fine tuned anymore to improve the situation.

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    We did fix the issue where Samsung devices disconnected a few versions ago. The latest version (v3.1.0.0) contains all the latest fixes in this regard. All Samsung / Mezzmo users that reported problems are now up and running without disconnect problems.

    I suggest you install the latest version of Mezzmo and give that a try. If no better, then see this post from another Samsung owner - Although it is for Samsung BDPs, it may apply to your Samsung TV as well.

    If no better, then it's best we see a set of logs. Please turn on logging (see and restart your Mezzmo server. Reproduce the disconnecting problem. When your TV disconnects from Mezzmo, then stop your Mezzmo server and exit Mezzmo. Zip up all the logs and email them to us at support [at] conceiva [dot] com. Also, tell us how your TV and your PC that is running Mezzmo are connected on your home network (Ethernet cable, wireless-N, wireless A/B/G, Powerline, etc.).

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