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    Default Samsung Audio Selection

    On the Samsung 40EH5300 I have this weird situation:
    When I select the options button, I can choose from the Subtitles and Audio which Audio/Subtitles track should be used.
    The Subtitles show me the language: Dutch/English/French/Russian/German, etc (depending on the mkv files of course)

    But the Audio, only shows: Language 1, Language 2, Language 3.
    Is there any setting possible, so it shows the name of language?

    i.e. Language 1 = ENglish
    Language 2 = German
    Language 3 = Dutch

    This applies to ALL movies! Although mezzmo correctly identifies the languages, it knows which language a track is and inside mezzmo application German/Dutch/English etc is shown..
    But the Samsung doesn't know.

    Btw, while looking for a solution here online, I found the following:
    "sure you install the Desktop Experience feature in Windows Server 2008/2012, otherwise you will get the 'wmvcore.dll missing'"
    On one of the latest patches/updates for Windows 10, this isn't needed anymore. MS decided to add it even without the Desktop Experience Feature.
    And yes, Mezzmo works just fine on the latest version of MS, which is still in developers stage.
    "Your home network settings:

    Make sure your DLNA/UPnP device and the computer running Mezzmo server are on the same subnet (e.g. the first three numbers of the IP address must be same - e.g. 192.168.1.x)."

    Same Subnet yes, but doesn't need to be the last 0-255 range necessarily.
    On my Class B Subnet 172.22.56.x and 172.22.68.x works just fine, but you need to define properly, or you might as well us /24
    in the 172.22.56.x range might also use /26 if you don't need the whole range..

    So yes, subnet must be the same, but it doesn't mean the IP Range itself must be limited to the last 255 numbers.. you can use any online subnet calculator for valid subnet/ip-ranges.

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    Some answers:

    1. Mezzmo streams your video file to your TV and your TV's firmware will decode your videos file to determine the various video channels, audio channels and subtitle channels. If it cannot determine the language of the audio channel, then unfortunately that's a limitation of the firmware and there is nothing Mezzmo can do to get it to display a language identifier. Check if there are any firmware updates for your TV and they may have fixed the problem. If not, then perhaps try reporting it to Samsung customer support for a future firmware update.
    2. In the latest Mezzmo (v4.1.x), you no longer need Desktop Experience since Mezzmo no longer uses or requires "wmvcore.dll". This is mentioned in the FAQ you referenced. Glad Mezzmo works well on Windows 10 so far .
    3. Thanks for the tip regarding IP address subnets!

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