I had my internet temporarily disconnected today. When I called my isp (in Canada), they said that to go to support.dlink.com and follow the fixes for my router (SSPD vulnerability).

Essentially the steps for my router (D-Link 825 revB) was to turn off Upnp.

Now the main issue is that seemed to have cause the dnla connection to my blueray to stop playing (so no more streaming videos with Mezzmo :/)

I've been browsing around and someone suggested opening some ports on the router for upnp (namely udp 1900 & tcp 2869). I opened both these ports for the blueray ip and the computer doing the streaming but alas no luck.

Now, this isn't a mezzmo issue but it is preventing me from watching my show using Mezzmo. Any help would greatly. I'm guessing you guys are bit more knowledgeable on the subject.

Thanks in advance